Our Solutions are designed to align your dynamic IT infrastructure requirement with your business needs. Our IT Infrastructure Services starts from assessing, designing and building a flexible IT environments and extends right up to complete IT Infrastructure Management Services under which we can managed your complete IT infrastructure under outsourced mode.

Our Edge

Our IT Infrastructure Services Division has the right resources, capabilities, methodologies and technology partners which can provide end-to-end services to build an agile and flexible IT Infrastructure which aligns with your business. We can be a true partner at every stage of your requirement starting from requirement assessment, designing, cost effective sourcing of the simplest to the most complex components, building of the complete IT Infrastructure and extending right up to complete IT Infrastructure Management. You can benefit from our unique combination of onsite expertise and project management, offshore cost advantage and high quality virtual delivery.

Services Offered

Data Centre Setup: we can be a valued partner for your end-to-end requirement starting from Planning, Design and Construction of you data Centre. With the right mix of technology partners we can do cost effective sourcing of smallest to the most complex component for your Data Centre starting from Network Elements, Electrical element, Racks to high end Servers & Storage devices.

Network Integration Services: our Network Integration Services includes a wide variety of deliverables which includes technical design of network, cabling, configuration of nodes, enabling of physical and logical connections, network testing, turning up the entire network to comprehensive documentation of network and configurations.

Enterprise Computing Services: our Enterprise Computing Services is designed to cater to your multi-tier computing requirement. We provide end-to-end services from design, sourcing to commissioning of your enterprise computing requirement which includes Servers, Storage, Backup Automation & Replication, Disaster Recovery, Servers & Storage consolidation, Virtualization and etc.

Enterprise Software Licensing: our Enterprise Software Licensing services can help you to audit and become legally complaint towards software licenses usage, analyse and plan you licensing requirement and adopt a cost effective and scalable licensing policy. With our partnership with the major software giants we can help you to do a most cost effective procurement of software licenses for your enterprise.

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