Wireless Point to Point Internet Links Up to 40 Kilometres. Wireless Point to Point Data Links Up to 40 Kilometres. DSL Service Providers. VPN Connectivity. Internet Connection fail over Solution. Backup connections.

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No need to pay Heavy Bills for Land Line No need to pay Heavy Charges for Hardware No need to wait Technical Support People from PSTN No need to wait Physical Media Installation after applying Apply for Internet connection today and enjoy browsing on same day Enjoy best speed on your own dedicated and Secure Line with no one’s in hence 24/7 Best Customer Support on single phone call with only 15 minutes delay.


Services Offered

The Auto Failover internet connection feature is most reliable and successful solution for small business. This countermeasure maintains your business’s uptime and productivity while providing an uninterrupted flow of service for your customers. This provides the solution for SMB and SOHO customers that rely on their Internet connection as the basis for business. aves Net offers the solution to help ensure that your business remains connected and minimize productivity and profit loss.


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